Celebrating Canada in 2017

In 2017 Canada Celebrates Our 150th and we're taking part all year!

Our Mission : To share important Canadian Landmarks with ALL of Canadians

Removing Barriers of Economy, Geography and Ability 

Allowing ALL Canadians the oportunity to experience Canada!

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To find out how you can take advantage of this exciting time for Canada!
  1. Landmarks to Support
    Landmarks to Support
    Many Heritage and Historic Properties need your support to maintain these important landmarks in our communities. Find out how you can help!
  2. Locations to Remember
    Locations to Remember
    We are excited to draw attention to the important stories of our Canadian Historic SItes!
  3. Places to Explore
    Places to Explore
    Canada Offers so many incredible green spaces, we are inspired to bring them directly to you!
  4. Family Fun Zones
    Family Fun Zones
    We will capture and share some of the greatest family adventure spots in Canada
  5. Our Downtown Communities
    Our Downtown Communities
    Supporting Our Downtown Communities with new Virtual Experiences
  6. Important Culture Spaces
    Important Culture Spaces
    Our Cultural Landmarks are Important to us. We're creating beautiful Cultural experiences that will share the lives of others in exciting new ways!
!Sponsor Your Canada
Professional Imagery and a High Quality Virtual Tour are a fantastic way to share a lifelike experience with a viewer on the internet!

Unfortunatly most Canadian Landmarks and Heritage Locations need help to maintain the properties they share with us. 

We're designing beautiful Virtual Experiences that inspire viewers to get involved and support local, regional and national sites that need our help!

We've designed an incredible Ad Sponsor Package that makes sure every group involved and their supporters Win!

Contact us today to suport an important Non Profit Canadian Property and we'll be happy to share the news!